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If this ban is enacted, our lives will get a lot more difficult. What are we going to use for household waste? organics? pet waste? impulse purchases?


Alternatives to plastic bags are NOT better for the environment. Paper grocery bags mean we have to cut down trees because recycled paper is not strong enough and will break under the weight of groceries. Read more


All Torontonians, including pet owners and high rise dwellers beware! What are you going to use now? Buy kitchen catchers? They contain a lot more plastic. What is the win in that? Read more

Economic Impact

A ban will kill jobs – Over 90% of plastic shopping bags used by grocers are made in Canada by Canadian family –owned, small businesses. Over 10,000 Ontarians and 185 companies are affected by the ban! 5,000 in the Toronto area alone! Read more

Toronto Recycles

Torontonians are recycling. 44% of our plastic bags are used to recycle organics. 15% are recycled in the blue bin in Elmira Ontario into outdoor furniture, office supplies, and plastic lumber. Read more

Plastic Bag Bans

The trend world wide is to recycling of plastic bags, not bans. Bans almost always fail because they are a top-down dictate that tries to force change leading to avoidance. Read more


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Who We Are

We are a coalition of environmentalists, manufacturers, recyclers, remanufacturers, retailers, and business groups who oppose the bag ban because it will cost jobs, is bad for the environment, and is completely unnecessary in Toronto.

New Poll

Poll shows that 2 out of 3 Torontonians oppose bag ban. For more information click here.